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Wolf Blade Series - Marco Frazetta

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Book 1: Oath The Slayer

Once, he was known as the Cold Ax of the North. Heads piled at his feet, and he was feared by all on the battlefield.
But his people lost the war…
Now, Rothan is a prisoner. He is forced to fight as a gladiator for the entertainment of his hated Imperial enemies. Five years of this humiliating captivity, and he has almost completed his sentence. Just three more days and he is free.
However, here in this wretched Imperial City, he has come to love one thing: the desertland concubine, Bellabel. He must find a way to win her freedom, to take her with him to the North. She must be his.
And so he enters into a bargain with the Ringmaster of the City, a bargain for her freedom, a bargain which will catapult him into a far more twisted fate than he ever imagined.
This book contains harem elements.

Book 2: Chains Of The Vampire

The Vampire Queen of Black Tear, is she friend, foe, or something else entirely?
Rothan pleads with King Albrecht to free him from captivity. Hordes of vicious creatures march on the cold land of Skald, and only he can find the way to stop them. But after a twist of fate, Rothan is taken aboard an imperial ship, taken to the island of Black Tear, a place so cursed that the sun never touches it, a place where minds are flayed, where bodies are torn apart and rearranged like playthings.
This is to be Rothan’s fate.
But perhaps he can find some way to bargain for his life. For all beings, even vampires, are bound by chains, chains of one kind or another…
Warning: This book contains detailed harem elements.

Book 3: Maze Of The Dragon

Lady Siv is being forced to marry her uncle.

Skald is burning. Orc hordes are joined by far worse creatures in their razing of the land.

Rothan is being taken to the brink of sanity, for the power of darkness is tempting, even to a warrior with an iron will.

What will happen when he finally comes face to face with the one who has commanded the destruction of Skald?

Warning: the main character is a Fenrir who thirsts for the pleasures of the flesh as much as for glory in battle. This book is to be read only by those who share these qualities.

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