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Rosie Wynters, Audrey Ashwood To Steal A Duke's Heart

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Curtis Sisters, Book 2
Release date: February 15, 2019
Duration: 09:28:40

Captivatingly sweet and soulfully romantic. Accompany Grace Curtis on their journeys of heart and soul to find true love.

A disgraced young woman with nothing to lose.

A handsome, newly appointed duke, bound by his honour.

Her one opportunity to steal his heart.

Disowned by her parents for helping her sister elope to the Americas, Grace Curtis never expected to capture the attention of the witty and bold George Blackmore, the Duke of Cromford. After the sudden death of his father leaves him with the responsibilities of his elevated station, he has little time for romance… not even with the beautiful Grace.

Beautiful Grace Curtis sets her sights on handsome George Blackmore, the newly appointed Duke of Cromford. However, fate seems intent on keeping them apart. When the duke’s younger brother Edmund develops an interest in Grace’s friend, Grace is determined to bring the pair together so that she might see the Duke again – and steal his heart. However, Edmund divulges some unexpectedly worrying truths about his older brother, and Grace soon finds herself questioning her attraction to the newly appointed Duke of Cromford. Will she be able to fathom the duke’s true colours and find happiness?

A sweet traditional Regency Romance with a dash of suspense. Book three has yet to be recorded.

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